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I am a game developer who made mirror applications in my spare time. Now I am completely busy with my creativity, and I hope I will delight you with interesting games and good applications.

Privacy Policy I do not collect any user data in my apps and do not send data to third parties. Facial data is not collected. These applications are designed to please users. Some apps have ads and AdMob Analytics.
DoodleMirror Privacy Policy
DoodleMirror * Cheerful distortion of several faces!! * Change voice. * Funny mas asdfasdfas
Mad Mirror
Mad Mirror - a lot of crazy mirrors. - 3 crazy mirror games. Mirror Boxing, Fifteens и Match Three! - Animated change mirrors. - Video recording. - Mirror Boxing. Here you can punch in the face =). The process is animated and really funny! - Create your own mirrors with new names and save them.
GrimaceAppStore Privacy Policy
Grimace App
Grimace Record a video-selfie with funny faces.
JigsawMirrorAppStore Privacy Policy
Mad Mirror
Jigsaw Mirror Collect mirror puzzles from the camera image. Play Jigsaw and Fifteen puzzle. Complete all the levels and get masks for them. Fancy masks and filters.

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